How does it work?

Fill out the CV form below, and let us start finding job offers for you.
As soon as your CV is approved, your CV will be in our database.
It is totally for free, and if you don’t like the job offers, you can easily unsubscribe.
Your CV will remain anonymous untill you accept a job offer,
then your CV will be unlocked for the accepted employer to see.
After this it’s up to the employer to contact you if they want to.

Benefits of having your CV here:

-All relevant job offers at one place. No more wasted time going through job boards.

-Your contact info is totally anonymous as long as you want to.

-You can find all kinds of jobs here (Full-time, temporary, freelance).

-It’s totally free for you as employee.

Most of our jobs are in the construction industry, social sector & information technology. It is mostly bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and demolition workers we find work to in the construction industry. In the social sector it is mostly doctors and nurses. In 2019 we have started a new department that handles jobs in information technology finding jobs for IT specialists and engineers.

Most of the jobs we find is full-time jobs or temporary jobs that last 3-6 months or even longer

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