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When using the Freelancer Worldwide web portal, you will with ease of use find what you are looking for. You can search and browse as many freelancers as you want for free and check their skills.

Free local manager service

FREE local manager service

At Freelancer Worldwide, you can have your own local manager related to your company. The local manager will make sure that you are offered the right number of freelancers at the right time – the right place. This is a FREE service.

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Let us help you for free

Let us help you for FREE

If you don’t want to spend time browsing for specific insterested freelancers for a certain time framed job position – then just ask us to this for you. Then you can concentrate on running your business and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.

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Lowest fees on the market

With Freelancer Worldwide you get some of the lowest fees within this job market. We only take 10% in fees on top of the freelancers invoice to you. Taking into considaration that we provide a FREE local manager setup this pricing is one of a kind.

Working agreement template

Working template agreement

To make sure that the client and the freelancer knows exactly what they have agreed on, we provide a working  agreement template for the employer, so both parties knows exactly what has been agreed for a certain job opportunity. No misunderstands occurs and everybody is happy.

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Try & Hire concept

Try & Hire concept

If a freelancer and a client would like to work together on a full-time basis, it is possible for the client to permanently hire the freelancer for a fee of 100 Euro. To do this, the company must hire the freelancer permanently from the beginning.

If a company wishes to hire a freelancer temporarily, but later realizes that they want to hire the freelancer permanently, this is also possible. This could, for instance, be the case in a situation where the company is unaware of the need for a full-time employee or maybe just want to see the freelancers skills first hand before offering a permanent contract.

If a company in such a situation wants to hire the freelancer permanently, they have to use our “Try&Hire Concept“. For this arrangement, the client must pay a fee of 1500 Euro. Of those 1500 Euro, 500 Euro will though go straight to the freelancer as a reward for the great work that has led to a full-time employment.

When a freelancer is hired through the Try & Hire arrangement, the freelancers will be “reserved” by the company. This means that the freelancers profile will be deactivated on Freelancers Worldwide’s job portal. First when the contract is finished, the freelancer will once again be able to find jobs through our job portal. Read more….

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