Disputes between clients and freelancers

Disputes or disagreement will eventually happen over time, when working with people, no matter how detailed you intend to be or how informative you will try to be. However, we have some simple recommendations that you should stick to in order to be on the safe side.

Below we have listed some of our recommendations, and if your stick to those you will be home safe in 99% of all relationships, whether you are a client or a freelancer.

Use the website flow

Use the website workflow

When using the Freelancer Worldwide web portal, you will automatically be forced to take some decisions along the way that sets the condition for how you would like to work, either as a client or freelancer. Always make sure you accept bids as a client within the system, as well as freelancers must apply for jobs online – this in itself will avoid future problems.

dont make verbal agreements

Don’t make any verbal agreements

Now even though that a verbal agreement is just as binding legally as any other written agreement, it can however be difficult to prove your are right unless you have something written on paper or somewhere else. A good rule is that whenever negotiating prices make sure you have a confirmation in writing.

Use message board system

Use your message board system

No matter what job project you are working on, we highly recommend you to use your messaging in your private dashboard. In here you can easily communicate with any of your clients or freelancers, and once the messages are sent they are locked in here. Therefor, you will always be able to go back and check the negotiated conditions for a job.

Report work as freelancer

Report your work as a Freelancer

It is important that you as a freelancer report in your work or services you have made to the client every day – or at least once a week. We can not emphasize enough that this is VERY important to remember – how would your client otherwise know what you have been doing? Also this is a very good way to have the clients to pay your flow of invoices on different projects.

Check what you are paid for

Check the work that you pay for

A basic rule to avoid and misunderstanding projects is to check what kind of work you get delivered from any freelancer. Always follow what your related freelancers are doing for you, and in situations where you see projects going in a wrong direction, or services are not delivered according to your agreement with the freelancer, then let him or her know this immediately using the notification system.

Please be aware that according to our web portal conditions Freelancer Worldwide can not take part in any disputes that may arise using our web service either in favor of the Client or the Freelancer. We will however recommend that if a disputes raises that both parties in good manner can solve the disagreement between them. A civil court case is something that should be avoided under any circumstances.

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