FAQ for clients

What fees does Freelancer Worldwide charge?

Freelancer Worldwide charges the lowest fees on the market today compared to any ordinary job agency. The client pays 10% off the entire project sum and the freelancer pay 5% for using our system. To know more about all our fees and charges please check our conditions page.

What advantages will Freelancer Worldwide offer me a client?

Freelancer Worldwide offer your company a smart and cost-effective way to scale your business with minimum effort. Can’t afford to hire a full-time worker for a specific job or you are having high season production capacity issues over the year and having a hard time finding the right people – then Freelancer Worldwide is something for you. When you people resource need is over – so are your costs. You will be amazed how efficient our system works.

How do I post a job online.

As a client you can post a job on Freelancer Worldwide when you have registered on our site for FREE (in our 6 months introduction period) in 5 minutes and expose this to a number of interested freelancers.

On you client dashboard you have a button saying “Post a job” which will take you to our 3 step post job process and allow you to easily post a job in 5 min. Check out our video guide on how to post a job on Freelancer worldwide.

Can my company use FreelancerWorldwide across broders?

Yes, of cause and there is absolutely no restrictions. We can arrange and put you in connection with our local managers in other countries who will be able to provide your company with skilled workers. Just contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Can I as a client choose more than 1 freelancer for the job?

Yes, you can choose to have as many freelancers as possible to do the job for you in case the job requires a number of freelancers to get the job done. You are however not allow to award freelancers with job opportunities if the job description actually is meant for only 1 person.

What if my job changes in time & budget?

If your job project is about to change in time or budget, you do have an option of changing the project on our web portal instead of closing the project and posting a new job on our web portal. This is easily done and the freelancer will be automatically notified from our integrated message system.

Is there any extra costs that I as a client should be aware of?

At Freelance worldwide we have the most simple charge system on the market. There are no hidden feea or monthly charges, charges for featured job posts or limitation on how many bids you can receive on a single job post. Freelancer Worldwide is straight forward and we like to keep it that way.

Approval of time sheets from the freelancer.

It is vital that the client looks at and approve the different timesheets that the freelancer sends to you as a client since this is the only way for the freelancer to get paid through our system. All timesheets will be send to you as a client as a notification in your own inbox.

The timesheets that can be attached with images is also a good way for you as a client to make sure that the job is progressing as agreed.

How do I pay an invoice as a client?

Paying an invoice for freelancer services is easy. Go to your client dashboard and press the “Invoice” button. In here you will see a list of all your unpaid invoices then just select the invoice you want to pay by pressing the blue button. Once the invoice is opens on your screen you will see a “pay” button in the upper right corner of the invoice – press this process payment online with you credit  card in 3 easy steps.

Why do I have to prepay a 10% deposit before the project start?

The 10% deposit sum of the entire project is very important for our business model and is a way to secure that the freelancer can start to work and that you as a client has shown that you both can pay and have the intensions to do so. We have experienced in many cases that freelancers are not even paid for their services which is totally unfair having im mind that their job is just much as worth as any full-time employee.

The 10% deposit is returned to you after the project is finished and is stored on a locked account the we can not touch at all.

What is a local manager?

A local manager is a person, male or female that typically are connected to a specific geografically area or connected to a specific industry – or even both.

The Local Manger is a key part in our business model that make sure freelancers are offered job that fits their skills in varoius areas as well as Local managers can recruit Freelancers to FreelancerWorldwide.Com.

A Local manager can also be related to a specific client to make sure that the client always gets what he needs in term of working resources. As a client you can contact you local manager, which you have chosen your self, and ask for different services. The local manager service is FREE and we are the only online portal that offers this service to make sure your needs are heard.

Can i hire a freelancer permanently?

Yes you can! Any freelancer can be hired on a regular employment basis from the beginning, for a fee of 1000 Euro.

However, if the freelancer is first hired on a temporary basis and you as a client later want to make the contract permanent, then you will have to use our “Try & Hire Concept”. 

How do I know as a client that a freelancer would like to work for us?

As a start you will get a email in your normal inbox telling you that someone had made sent you a job application for a job that you have posted on our site. Just press the link within the email and you will be taken to the our site and once you are logged in you will go to your client dashboard  and check your incoming bids. From here you can study the profile of the freelancer and the price he or she has offered to do the job for. All notification are running through our built-in messaging system on freelancer worldwide.com.

What is a working template?

To make sure that the client and the freelancer knows exactly what they have agreed on we provide a working template agreement for the client, so both parties knows exactly what has been agreed for a certain job opportunity. No misunderstands occurs and everybody is happy.

What about VAT?

Basically we follow the international rules for VAT sales tax, but there may be special occasions where VAT is both included or excluded for that matter. Our webportal is therefor built with the option choosing of adding VAT or not. The Freelancer who takes on the job has the responsibility to inform you as a client wether the job would need VAT sales tax added or not.

Please be aware the Freelancer Worldwide is not responsible for any kind of outstanding VAT sales between a Freelancer and a client.

What if I'am not satisfied with a freelancer?

You will always have the right to select another freelancer for the job if you get a freelancer that does not live up to your expectations. You will just have to finalize the job and make an agreement with the freelancer you do not want to use anymore – then you can post your job again and hire a new one that will take over where the previous freelancer left the job.

If there are more disagreements with freelancer that you not able to solve on good manners there is no other way than a civil court case. At Freelancer Worldwide we do however recommend that the freelancer and the client finds a way to solve the difficulties that both parties can agree on.

Freelancer Worldwide will be involved in such matters.

For how long time is my job visible on the portal.

Uour job will be exposed on our site for 3 months as a standard.

However, you will also be able to decide how long time your jobs is visible on our site and you can choose between the following intervals: 1 month, 2 months or 3 months.

When a job is awarded to a freelancer you can specify on the job project that is has been “taken” after which is is no longer visible on our web portal.

What price models are possible?

At the Freelancer Worldwide web portal we operate with 2 basic models which is either a fixed price or a hourly rate model.

How do I as a client receive invoices?

You will as a client receive invoices from the Freelancer Worldwide web portal on behalf of the freelancer for his or her services according to your mutual agreement.

What is the "Try & Hire" model?

If a company wishes to hire a freelancer, found on the Freelancer Worldwide web portal, on a regular full-time basis this is possible. The fee for this arrangement is only 1000 Euro.

However, this is only the fee if the freelancer is hired on a permanent basis from the beginning. If the freelancer is first hired on a temporary basis, but both parties later want to make the contract permanent, then the client must use our Try & Hire concept.

This could be relevant for a client if the client is unsure as to whether a full-time employee is really needed. Or maybe the client just wants to experience the freelancers skills first hand, before deciding if the worker should be offered a regular employment contract.

The fee for the Try & Hire concept is 1500 Euro, but 500 Euro goes to pay the freelancer for his/her great work.

I can not login to my profile - what to do then?

There is no other way than going back into your emails and find the registration confirmation that you did receive from freelancer worldwide when you signed up to the site.

If you still are totally lost then press the “Forgot my password” and wait for our mail reply to show up in your mailbox with the login informations.

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