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Describe your company and the employees you seek in the inquiry below. We have access to over 500.000 candidates looking for work worldwide. With a subscription at FreelancerWorldwide.com we will continuously send you candidates that meets the criterias you have.

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When you fill out the criteria-inquiry below we will start finding the candidates that meets your criterias, and candidates with the right qualifications will be send to your e-mail. The candidates you receive in your e-mail is a “preview CV” and you can get the whole CV with contact info send if you are interested.

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1. stepĀ 
Fill out our inquiry and describe your own company
and what kind of employees you are searching for.
We will contact you and make a more detailed inquiry to find the right candidates for you.
You will get “preview CV’s” of the interested candidates send to your e-mail.
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You are able to select the candidates that you find interested and get their full CV with contact info.

Introduction prices:

Buy in (Search & marketing cost)
999,95 EUR per annual or 399,00 EUR per quarter.

Open CV (The cost of finding the right candidate for you)
50 EUR per candidate you want to open.

The “buy in” is the cost we need to find make the right moves to find your candidates. We are using the info you provide us to make the right marketing, ads and contact the right recruiters in our network.

The “Cost per candidate” is the cost you pay for finding you the right candidate and getting you many steps closer to find your next employee.

Company inquiry:

Fill out our inquiry below, so we know a bit more about you and what you are seeking. You will be contacted within 24 hours by e-mail or phone.

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