FAQ for freelancers

How am I going to be paid from Freelancer Worldwide

There are two payment dates every month from Freelancer Worldwide to working freelancers which is the 1st day of the month and then the 15 th of the month where we will transfer money to you and you will get an automatic notification.

Why do I need to register my work?

It is important that you every day a freelancer get you client to approve your work in order for him or her to release payment to you – otherwise how will the client know that you have been working at all? It is important for you as a freelancer to have a close relation with the client so he or she will book you again for another future job.

What fees does Freelancer Worldwide charge me for using the site?

Freelancer Worldwide charges the lowest fees on the market today compared to any ordinary job agency. The client pays 10% off the entire project sum and the freelancer pay 5% for using our system. To know more about all our fees and charges please check our conditions page.

What advantages will Freelancer Worldwide offer me as a freelancer?

One of the biggest differenties between us and the completion is that we offer you free invoicing and a free local manager. Both these services are very important for your daily life as a freelancer. We take care of all the boring stuff that is necessary for running a business like money transfer – You don’t have to do anything,,,

Can I work across borders with the Freelancer Worldwide system+

Yes, of cause and there is absolutely no restrictions. We can arrange and put you in connection with our local managers in other countries who will be able to offer you jobs as well as we have partners ready to help you out with taxation and so – to make sure your working experience using Freelancer Worldwide becomes a succes. Just contact us and let us know how we can help you.

What about VAT?

Basically we follow the international rules for VAT sales tax, but there may be special occasions where VAT is both included or excluded for that matter. Our webportal is therefor built with the option of choosing to add VAT or not. The Freelancer who takes on the job has the responsibility to inform the client if a job would need VAT sales tax or not.

At the Freelancer Worldwide web portal you can find a number of useful resources as far as VAT or TAX is concerned. Check out our Working permission section on the Freelancer Worldwide web portal and select your country.

Please be aware the Freelancer Worldwide is not responsible for any kind of outstanding VAT sales between a Freelancer and a client.

Available price models

At the Freelancer Worldwide web portal we operate with 2 basic models which is either a fixed price or a hourly rate model (the last model will be introduced shortly after the launch of Freelancer worldwide).

If you work with the fixed price model the Freelancer Website portal will always invoice automatically for you every week to your client without you have to anything at all.

Who can signup as a Freelancer?

Signing up as a freelancer is not only restricted to a single person but also applies for companies, big or small, who would like to offer their services to other companies and benefit form temporary work and help companies fulfill their capacity problems or something else.

Why not grow your own business working on freelance terms – it will not be much different from the way you work today – but joining Freelancer Worldwide will allow you for FREE to display your company skills and offerings to other companies on our site.

How to create an invoice

Sign in to your freelancer dashboard and select the “My projects” button. On the list find the project for which you would like to create a new invoice and press view project.

Scroll down below in the project description until you can see the already created payments and press the “Propose new terms” button where you then will see the “add payment” button and fields where you can enter payment date and amount. Insert the desired information here and press the “propose new terms” button and then the Client will automatically get a notification in the message system of his dashboard.

The reporting timesheet

It is important that you every day or at least once a week register what you have been working on and report this to the Client in order for him to release payment to you as a freelancer for your services. If the client does not know what you have delivered in terms of services it will be difficult for the client to actually pay you.

Therefor it is IMPORTANT that you report what you have been working on. Together with the work report you can enclose images of what you have been working on that more and less proves that you are entitled to receive payment from the client.

You can download the Excel timesheet under “tools” in the dashboard menu once you are logged in as a freelancer.

How do apply for a posted job online?

You can always apply for jobs posted on the site using the following method. Select an exciting job you would like to do by pressing the job link on the front page. If you scroll down to the very last end of the job post you will see a button saying “Apply online”. Press the button and send your application to the client. Then the client will instantly receive your application in an email generated by the system and if the client choose you for the job you will also automatically be notified by an email – saying that you have a notification in your message system built-in your own dashboard. In here you can accept the job. – Happy freelancing 🙂

What is a local manager and why is this a great advantage?

A local manager is a person, male or female that typically are connected to a specific geografically area or connected to a specific industry – or even both.

The Local Manger is a key part in our business model that make sure freelancers are offered job that fits their skills in varoius areas as well as Local managers can recruit Freelancers to FreelancerWorldwide.Com.

A Local manager can also be related to a specific client to make sure that the client always gets what he needs in term of working resources. As a client you can contact you local manager, which you have chosen your self, and ask for different services. The local manager service is FREE and we are the only online portal that offers this service to make sure your needs are heard.

Get you own local manager now!

Can I work on several jobs at the same time?

You can of cause work on several freelancer job at the same time if this is possible for you. Just make sure that you do not dissapoint a client do to the fact that you have to much to do and can’t handle it. On the Freelancer Worldwide web portal there is no restriction on how many job you can run at the same time.

What is a working template?

To make sure that the client and the freelancer knows exactly what they have agreed on we provide a working template agreement for the client, so both parties knows exactly what has been agreed for a certain job opportunity. No misunderstands occurs and everybody is happy.

How does the client receives my invoice?

Once an invoice has been generated on the Freelancer Worldwide web portal either by your self or as an automated generated invoice (fixed priced jobs) the client will receive the invoice in the Freelancer Worldwide built-in messaging system with a email notification as a start. In your own dashboard you can see the invoices you have sent and what invoices are due for payment or already paid. There is minimum administration when you need to generate invoices and the Freelancer Worldwide web portals keeps track of all your invoices for you.

What is the "Try & Hire" model?

If a company would like to work with you as a freelancer found on Freelancer Worldwide web portal on more consistent terms equal to a normal full-time employment after having made a project with you, the client has the opportunity to use the Freelancer Worldwide Try&Hire concept that will allow the client to hire the freelancer under normal employment conditions. The fee for this arrangement is 2.500.- Euro for the client company from which the freelancer will immediately receives 500 €.

To get more details on the “Try&Hire” model check out this page.

Can I negotiate the price with the client?

Yes, of cause you always have the opportunity to suggest another price for the job and when applying for a job you can just say that you will do the job for a certain amount instead of the original amount suggested by the client.

Try to get the best price for your services is something we recommend !

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