As a freelancer you get the whole package here. With Freelancer Worldwide you get a number of services for FREE that you can’t get anywhere else in an easy to use environment. In fact you can run your entire business from the Freelancer Worldwide web portal.

Intuitive and easy to use system

Intuitive & easy to use system

Working with Freelancer Worldwide is easy for anyone – No matter whether you are an employer or Freelancer. We have tried to make this web portal so intuitive and straight forward that you will feel safe and with ease when browsing our site.

Local manager service

FREE local manager service

As the only Freelancer web portal on the market we offer you a Local Manager, who will work for you and make sure you get the right job offerings that match your skills and whiches. This is a FREE service that you can take advantage of.

Bullet-proof payment model

“Bullet-Proof” payment model

We make sure the Freelancer gets paid for his or her services – Period. If a client, for some reason, refuses to pay an invoice, the Freelancer can stop working immediately. Because we operate with a 10% deposit payment from the Client, we will always be sure to cover the last invoice from the Freelancer to the client. Check out our payment flow here.

Working agreement template

Working agreement template

Our system provides the employing company with a detailed work description template, for each job, to make sure that no misunderstandings for a specific job occurs, or at least are minimized. No freelancer project will be initiated, until there is a common understanding between the employer and the freelancer – See it as your working insurance.

Smart automatic invoicing system

Easy creation of invoices

With the Freelancer Worldwide web portal you can easily create invoices and receive online payments. You can follow all your invoices and track every each of them to check if they have been paid.

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Automatic job alerts

Easily browse through all our job opportunities, or set up a job alert on our site that automatically  notifies you by mail, every time we have a job position that fit your job alert criteria. So just take it easy and let the job find you instead.

Who can sign up as a freelancer?

Who can signup as a Freelancer?

Signing up as a freelancer is not only restricted to a single person but also applies for companies, big or small, who would like to offer their services to other companies and benefit form temporary work and help companies fulfill their capacity problems or something else.

Why not grow your own business working on freelance terms – it will not be much different from the way you work today – but joining Freelancer Worldwide will allow you for FREE to display your company skills and offerings to other companies on our site.

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