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Posting a job as a client for FREE.

It is FREE to post a job on the Freelancer Worldwide job portal.

You will automatically be notified when your job is about to expire on our site for you to take further action.

We add 10 % to your bill

Freelancer Worldwide’s commission

For every job, we add an additional extra 10% on top of the budget that the client will need to pay using our online payment channel. Clients can use either credit card or bank transfer when paying for services made by freelancers.

Try & Hire concept

Try & Hire Concept

The fee for this arrangement is 1.500.- Euro for the client company. The freelancer will always receive 500.- Euro on his or her account when making such an agreement. Read more …

We only take 5 %

Freelancer Fee

For every job the freelancer finds through the Freelancer Worldwide web portal and decide to do with an employer, the freelancer will have to pay a fee of 5% of the total job sum to Freelancer Worldwide. Freelancer Worldwide will automatically generate invoices both from freelancer to client  (10%)  and from Freelancer worldwide to the freelancer (5%)

Sign up for free

Free sign up service

It is free for both companies as well as freelancers to signup on There are absolutely NO hidden fee or monthly credit card charges.

Free local manager service

Free local manager service

Our service setup with local manager is free to use for both companies and freelancers in any part of the world. If you want us to find a local manger for you as a freelancer or for your company please let us know.

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