When you work as a freelancer through the freelancerworldwide.com job portal, you automaticaclly pay us a fee of 5 %. In other words, we take 5 % of the salary you have agreed with a company. This is our fee for matching you with the company and a job – This is how we make our money. But now we give you the opportunity to remove this fee completely or partly.

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This is how you avoid our fees:

Recommend our online job portal to one of your freelance friends or acquaintances. When your friend create a profile on our site, ask him to write your full name in the field “recommended by”. Then it will be registered in the system that you have recommended him. To get a discount on your fees, the person that created a profile, as a result of your recommendation, must find a job through our job portal.


How much money can I save?

If a person that you have recommended finds a job through our job portal, you will save 1 % of the 5 % you have to pay us in fees. If two people you have recommended find a job through our online job portal, you will save 2%. This means that you would only have to pay us 3 % of your salary instead of the normal 5 %.

You therefore save 1 % per person you recommend that also finds a job. Potentially, you can therefore save up to 5 %. In other words, you can potentially be paid 100 % of your salary instead of only 95 %. It requires that you are able to recommend 5 people that all finds a job through freelancerworldwide.com

Save money freelancing

A calculation as an example: 

If your earn, let’s say 3700 euros per month as a freelancer, our fee would be 185 euros each month as this is 5 % of your total salary. With a salary of 3700 per. month 1 % is 37 euro per month. For each person you recommend that find a job through our portal, you would therefore save 37 euros per month.  If you recommend two people and both end up finding a job, you would save 37 * 2 = 74 euros each month instead.

So it can quickly become good business for you, if you recommend friends that find jobs through our portal. How the exact calculation looks like for you personally only depends on your salary. If your earn more per. month than 3700 euros, you would also be able to save more money each month. On the other hand, if your earn less the savings would also be smaller. The saving is always 1 % per. recommendation, no matter what you earn.

Be aware: to get 1 % in discount, the value of your recommended friends project must be higher than 2000 euro. If the recommended friends total salary is below this amount for a given job, the discount will not be given. This means that you can’t just get a friend to make a logo for 30 euros and then expect that this will give you a 1 % discount, on all of your future jobs.

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