At Freelancer worldwide, we already have a number of satisfied clients as well as freelancers of our site that we would like to show you here. If you would like to share your own projects here please let us know by mailing us.

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We have specialized ourselves within a number of different categories of freelance jobs. We have already been helping several companies with freelancer capacities within the below areas. We always make sure that the freelancer, as well as the company, gets a good working experience together.

Testimonial from viborg
Testimonial sunset
Testimonial construction

One of our biggest projects until today was the freelancing workforce that was related to build the combined office and restaurant complex in Viborg, Denmark where clients as BurgerKing and Sunset Boulevard were among our clients.

Oil rig testimonial
Welder testimonial

Freelancer Worldwide has already delivered a number of specialized people for the scandinavian oil- & offshore industry.

Waiter testimonial
Hotel & restaurant testimonial

Within the hotel & restaurant business area there are a number of job possibilities in northern Europe which we have an in-depth knowledge of and so far we have been helping this industry with many freelancers.

Exhibition industry testimonial
Trade show

The trade show industry is a huge industry segment. We have been delivering freelancer to the exhibition industry for at number of years, even before we were known as Freelancer Worldwide. Now with our global web portal, we expect to serve the eshibition industry with a vast amout of freelancers.

IT & administration reference
FAQ for clients

In IT & administration there are gennerally a large demand for freelancers, in relation to a number of projects. Companies often need to hire experts for certain jobs within the IT industry. We have been serving the industry with a large number of freelancers already.


Freelancer worldwide A/S  was founded by an entrepreneur within the construction business, and have therefor been involved in a vast amout of projects within the constructions business, long before Freelancer Worldwide were even founded. Freelancers have been used several times from start to finish of building projects to finish projects fast and to save money in the long run.

Within the building industry, many different types of workers are used to finish projects. Electrictions, carpenters, welders, plumbers, painters and bricklayers are some of the many types of freelancers needed within this business. Freelancer Worldwide is particularly focussed on matching companies with freelance blue-collar workers. Therfore, we have many open job positions within the constructions business, particularly in Denmark.

Construction business
Construction business testimonial
Carpenter testimonial
Painter testimonial

Freelancer worldwide deliver people to almost any kind of building project. Contact us today and start working tomorrow.


Within the heavy industry area we have supplied companies with competent freelancers of almost any kind. This area is experience a huge demand for specialized workers and engineers. Contact us today for more information.

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