The freelancing business is booming in Europe and America

Intuitive and easy to use systemDid you know that more people take the shift from full-time employment to freelancing? Just look at the increasing number of freelancers in Europe and US (Freelancerunion & EFIP):

  • 53 million people in America are freelancers (33 % of working population)
  • By 2020, more than 50 % of the American working population is estimated to be freelancers
  • In Europe, the number of freelancers increased from under 6.2 million in 2004 to 8.9 million in 2013
  • Independent workers were the fastest growing segment in the European labor market from 2004-2013

The trends are….



The trends are clear. American or European, the life as a freelancer is increasingly compelling. Being a freelancer have great benefits and freedom. Freelancers love to be their own boss. As a freelancer, you master your own career and are able to plan your own time and schedule. Freelancers decide what kind of work they take and can choose to work with things they love.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

“Working with something you love” is one of the reasons why many people now work as freelancers. Enjoying life, taking care of yourself and doing what you love is important these days. It has probably never been more valued and promoted more than in these days. Some even refer to this as the “passion economy”.

But this is not the only benefit of being a freelancer. Freelancers can work when and wherever they want. But a freelancer actually also earn higher salaries on average. Stay tuned for our next blog posts to check out how high the average salary of freelancers is compared to full-time employees.

Freelancers are not unemployed, they are highly skilled

It might once have been true that those who were unemployed also were those who tried out freelancing. Today, this is far from the case. Freelancers today are often skilled. They often seek out freelancing as a career choice. According to a survey in America, 65 % mention that they chose freelancing on purpose (Freelancer Union).

Freelancers have created a big supply of workers. But, there is only room for this many freelancers because companies demand freelancers. The labor market has had an increasing demand for flexible workforces and temporary workers. If companies were not in need of flexible resources and independent workers, there would not be the amount of freelancers we see today. If there were, they would be called unemployed, not freelancers.

Online freelance jobs within Design & Multimedia, It & Programming and Writing & translation has been popular for a long time. With technology and globalization making it easier to take online jobs everywhere in the world, it is easy to understand why. An Indian freelancer can now easily receive a job from a European company to design a logo. And he can probably be done with it and receive payment within a day.

As an online freelancer, there are no borders!

Freelancing is emerging in new industriesRegister_freelancer

Freelancing is, however, becoming increasingly popular within a range of different industries. Particularly within the blue-collar industry, more and more tradespeople work as freelancers. Within construction, no less that 56 % of skilled tradespeople are already self-employed. They already have every opportunity to offer their services to other companies.

In our next blog, read about the high demand for freelancers. We will take a look at the demand for freelancers in both large enterprises and small companies. And focus on the blue-collar and tradespeople industry.

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