Work in Greenland

Experience the beautiful nature of Greenland
while working as carpenter in the city Aasiaat in the nothern Greenland.

We are searching for 3 carpenters for a three months long project in Aasiaat, Greenland.
The project is new construction of a patient hotel, where we need carpenters for all exterior carpentry work.
You will work close together with the other carpenters and our Greenlandic  cooperation partner, one of Greenlands biggest cooperation companies.

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Project details:
Gross salary: 22 Euro
+Vacation money: 12,5% of the salary
+S&H money: 8,6% of the salary
+Penion: 12% (after 3 months employment)
Hours per week: 60 hours
Many years of experience as carpenter, especially work with exterior carpentry.
Advantages: Communication in English, experience with work abroad.

Start: In the start of July
End: Between 28th September – 5th October
Transport by flight (Stopover in Copenhagen)
All flight costs paid by us
The client will pick you up in the airport.
House costs: 300 Euro per month
(Own bed, wi-fi, kitchen, bathroom)
Supermarket & ATM close by

How does it all work?
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Contact for more information or questions:

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