Temporary employment

If you want to work but don´t want to establish your own company – you have the possibility here at Freelancer Worldwide.

Usually, to work as a freelancer, you need to register your own company. But for some people, this can be too complicated and scary. And the paperwork just seems too much to handle.

However, to help you get jobs, we have created a smart shortcut where you have the possibility to work as a freelancer, without owning your own company.

This option is called temporary employment.

How temporary employment works

It works in the way that you can be temporarily employed through our own employment agency at Freelancer Worldwide. This means that you can get a real employment contract that affects the conditions and rules for the work you are about to start on.

Once you accept the job conditions online, you will be able to download your own employment contract through our web portal. Then you just need to sign this contract and send it to the company that wishes to hire you as a freelancer. You will need to send the contract by using the built-in messaging system at FreelancerWorldwide.com

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