Germany is a great choice for expats looking for a career boost! Not only is the country one of the main players in the EU, but also one of the strongest economies worldwide. The InterNations Guide prepares you for your expat life “made in Germany”, with info on permits, insurance, and more!

If you are thinking about working in Germany, you have made an excellent decision – Germany is Europe’s largest, and the world’s fifth largest, economy. Germany boasts not only colorful cities and beautiful scenery, but decent employment opportunities as well. Whether you want to work in a large multinational corporation, as a researcher at a renowned institute, or as an automotive engineer, Germany has much to offer.

Do not let the citizens’ worries about unemployment figures, demographic change, and welfare cuts fool you. Most people living and working in Germany actually enjoy a comparatively high standard of living. Qualified employees working in Germany are rewarded for hard work and paid relatively well.

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It is you own responsibility as a foreign freelancer working in Germany to get to know the German law for employment and taxes when working in Germany. Freelancer Worldwide A/S does only act as a broker and are not responsible for any claims from the German authorities what so ever. Freelancer Worldwide A/S does only make it possible for you to have a working relationship with a German employing company. We will however give you direct access to various recommended information when working in Germany. As a general rule we will however advise you to get some help from a German accounting firm or person who can help you to make sure your working stay in Germany becomes a succesfull experience.

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