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With a highly flourishing culture pervading a laid back pace of life, there are few better places in the world to work than Italy. Not only is the boot-shaped peninsula the cradle of much of Western life and culture, but it is still a trendsetter in the world of food, fashion and the kind of relaxed, inspired lifestyle idealized in travelogues and recently divorced female-centric non-fiction. Italy attracts tens of millions of visitors annually but the only way to truly experience la dolce vita is by working in Italy. Shopping on the weekend, an aperitivoafter work, and haunting the local UNESCO World Heritage Site are all on hand when you’re living in il bel paese.


We all have our idea of what Italy is. For some, the image of a gondolier gliding passengers down a Venetian canal springs to mind, for others it’s the idyllic and miniature seaside towns dotting the heel that is the Italian region of Puglia. We all have a favorite Italy, a personal Italy that might or might not adhere to the realities of finding a job in this sun-draped country.

Like any country, the majority of jobs abroad in Italy lie in the capital, Rome, as well as other major Italian cities like Milan and Genoa. Sure, you might get lucky and land something in picturesque Polignano a Mare, a Greek-style gem rising above the Adriatic, but a town of 16,000 obviously offers fewer job opportunities than a city of five million.

Rome, also called the Eternal City, has been the heart of the region ever since the earliest days of the Roman Empire. While working in Rome, you will find yourself in a modern flourishing city which has a backdrop of beautiful ancient architecture from all throughout history.

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