There is a shortage of skilled workers in Norway, particularly in the wholesale and retail trade and in the building and construction industry. There is also a shortage of nurses and certain types of engineers.

Graduates with some knowledge of Norwegian have the best chance of finding jobs.

In some sectors it is not unusual to visit a company unannounced to enquire about a job. Remember to take your CV with references and transcripts.

The strongest developing areas of business in Norway are currently in the information technology and communications sectors.

Norway has a strong economy and a relatively low unemployment rate and the skills shortages mean that if you have some knowledge of Norwegian, your chances of finding a graduate job in Norway are reasonably good.

What are your chances of getting a job?

Networking and personal recommendations aid job searches in Norway, so it may be more difficult for graduates without Norwegian connections to penetrate the job market. The majority of jobs in Norway require knowledge of the Norwegian language or another Scandinavian language. Some jobs do accept those who just speak English but these are usually seasonal agriculture jobs or roles in hospitality. Not knowing Norwegian will dramatically limit your job options.

English is taught in schools and many Norwegians will have quite good knowledge of the language. However, it is still advisable to learn some Norwegian either before moving to Norway or once you get there. You can find information about learning Norwegian both in Norway and in the UK at Study in Norway or Norway. Alternatively, if you apply for a postgraduate study course it may be possible to add on a first year of learning Norwegian. Distance learning programmes are available from EuroTalk.

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