Romanian working conditions

Before planning to come to Romania, make sure you understand your legal situation. Depending on your nationality and the purpose of your trip, you may need an entry visa, residence permit and/or work permit. Read our guide about the legal entry requirements for Romania and use the Just Landed forums to ask for help or advice.

Please Note!

It is you own responsibility as a foreign freelancer working in Romania to get to know the Romanian law for employment and taxes when working in Romania. Freelancer Worldwide A/S does only act as a broker and are not responsible for any claims from the Romanian authorities what so ever. Freelancer Worldwide A/S does only make it possible for you to have a working relationship with a romanian employing company. We will however give you direct access to various recommended information when working in Romania. As a general rule we will however advise you to get some help from a Romanian accounting firm or person who can help you to make sure your working stay in Romania becomes a succesfull experience.

Please Note!

Freelancer Worldwide A/S can not be held responsible for any of the above information we link to since we do not have any influence on this what so ever. If you are in doubt wether you have been receiving the right information or know that you have been misinformed we would like to hear form you to update our site accordingly

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