Spain extends 505,182 km2 over the Iberian Peninsula to the southwest of Europe. The National Institute of Statistics indicates in 2011 that the population was 46,815,916. Spain is in the Central European time zone and adheres to CET (UTC+1) during the winter and CEST (UTC+2) during the summer months from March to October.

The climate in Spain is predominantly Mediterranean. In particular, winters are mild and summers are hot in the coastal regions, with high rainfall in the Cantabrian area. In the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, the climate is alpine, whereas the south eastern part of the country is semi-arid and the Canary Islands are subtropical.

However, in the northern and mountainous regions, the climate is harsher and it is usual to see snow from the winter months until the end of spring.

Spain is a very diverse country and each region has its own unique character and distinctive atmosphere. The country comprises 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast). Each region has its own institutional statute, which is written into the Constitution and forms an integral part of the set of SpanishState laws.

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